Tuesday, January 12, 2010

wrongfully awarded

charles woodson as ap defensive player of the year.
..hmm not only did darrelle revis fall second, he fell by 14 points.
in comparison to woodson it seems the voters were swayed more so by numbers on paper then performance in games.

Revis racked up 7 interceptions in the regular season returning one back for a touchdown.
Woodson had 9 interceptions and returned 3 for touchdowns
Woodson was also responsible for 11 more tackles then Revis however..

Revis contributed to a wildcard win with an interception and 3 tackles while Woodson must have been in an alternative state of mind as his defense allowed the cardinals 51 points in a post-season game. Our AP defensive player of the year accounted for 6 sacks but became a mere witness of 3 Cardinal receiving touchdowns. It also should be noted that 5 of Woodson's interceptions come from games against the rams, browns, lions, and second string cardinals offense.
But hey-those teams listed are just as good as any others right.

The no brainer that would give Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets my vote:
Revis held notable receivers to under 40 yards for his team and some more then once. Randy Moss, T.O., Reggie Wayne, Chad Ochocinco (who promised to change his name if Revis held him down), and Steve Smith. If that is not enough for the win how about the 70 yard receivers that played against him..oh wait! There wasn't one all season.
because he is the best lockdown corner in the game.


  1. Decent view. But, the reason Woodson got it, is because he played better than Revis defensively. The Defensive MVP isn't just for shutting down receivers, which you obviously think is the case. He shut down receivers, and didn't allow yards and touchdowns from them, but he also didn't do as many things as Woodson defensively. Now, Revis is an awesome cornerback, and will probably win it next year, but when you can only get 24 points on a horrible Bengals defense, then that's kinda sad.

  2. Charles was without a doubt the most influential defender this year. In the wildcard game against the Cards, he got a crucial pass tip that led to the only punt of the game from Arizona, and a forced a fumble from Fitzgerald, owner of the best hands in the game. Pity his team mates didn't back him up cause he can't be everywhere at once.